Muerto el perro, se acaba la rabia.

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burning church is out of control


Turnstile - The Dream (x)


this might be my favorite post on tumblr ever

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Letters on paper. #rasko #art #graffiti #lettering #calligraphy

I thought this was pretty cool, so I figured I’d post it here. FIRST BLOOD recorded a FREE album of covers of bands that have influenced them called "First Blood Inspiration". I included the track listing and you can download the covers record HERE. If you like what you hear, I’ve posted links to download all the original recordings of these songs by just clicking the song below. Support Hardcore. Don’t Forget The Struggle. Don’t Forget The Streets. Don’t Forget Your Roots.
01.) Hatebreed - Before Dishonor02.) Sick Of It All - Injustice System03.) Earth Crisis - The Wrath Of Sanity04.) Agnostic Front - Over The Edge05.) Madball - Hold It Down06.) Path Of Resistance - Counter07.) All Out War - Soaked In Torment08.) Cro-Mags - We Gotta Know09.) Biohazard - Shades Of Grey10.) Suicidal Tendencies - Pledge Your Allegiance


This Illustrator Turns the World Around Him into Real-Life Cartoons

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Anatomy Textile Systems 

Illustration drawn on abaca paper. The pattern of the cardiovascular system, muscles felt.

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